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23-Essenze Exhib-Nov09.jpg

Susannah First made large scale Lightboxes several years ago in collaboration with friend and colleague Gerard Beckingsale. Large Scale LightBoxes can be customised in size, design and the textures of the porcelain. They enhance various settings – private residence, boardroom, reception, foyer, hotel, restaurant and bar – and function as statement pieces that are both artwork and light source.

Made in collaboration with Gerard Beckingsale, 23 Comprises 23 porcelain panels set into translucent Corian boxes. The porcelain is impressed with various foodstuffs to impart unique textures into the clay that are highlighted when lit. The work hangs as a triptych measuring 1.5 metres x 1.5 metres. It is a striking visual feature, an artwork and a light source.


Materials: Corian, porcelain, glass, fluorescent tubes.

Dimensions: 1500mm x 1500mm

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