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Created as a memento for a mother, the textures in the porcelain for this Light Box were made using a hand knitted jumper, hand made lace and handkerchiefs that were originally made by the clients mother. The LightBox is a new object but preserves memories and nostalgia for the past, capturing a sense of the person via the items supplied to texture the clay.

Peter Wells lightbox commission.jpeg
Peter Wells lightbox commission-detail2-

The finished lightbox.

Peter Wells-process pic 1.jpg

Step 1

Peter Wells-process pic 3.jpg

Step 3

Peter Wells-process pic 2.jpg

Step 2

Peter Wells-process pic 4.jpg

Step 4

Peter Wells-process pic 5.jpg

Step 5


A lack of interesting and original lighting prompted clients in Auckland to commission Susannah to make them something special. Chosen from a selection of her available fabrics the porcelain panels were made. These four hard wired wall mounted LightBoxes now illuminate the lounge of this 100 year old bungalow – and they look awesome!

Embossed Lightboxes 2.jpg

Detail of finished lightbox

In Situ-LightBox 1.jpeg


Adding to the art collection in this new build North Shore home – a set of three LightBoxes were commissioned. They now take price of place.

Claire C x 3 Lightboxes-1 (1).jpg
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