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SB-Embossed Pendant Lights.jpg

Embossed Lights: The most recent addition to Susannah’s range, Embossed Lights are hand formed porcelain cylinders that have been textured using materials pressed into the clay. Susannah uses knitted, crocheted and woven fabrics to impart patterns that are highlighted when the lights are switched on.


Susannah can make customised Embossed Lights using your own fabrics – do you have a favourite old jersey, or perhaps grandma’s crotchet tablecloths that you’d like to preserve in a beautiful clay object for your home? A perfect and completely unique gift – or treat yourself!


Materials: porcelain clay, compact fluorescent tube, lampholder.

Dimensions: 480mm x 80mm – cord length to suit

Finish: Matt unglazed (clear gloss glaze finish on request)

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